The Deserve EDU Mastercard is the best option for students who are thinking about how to save on cashback and, on top of that, be able to build their credit history without any problems.

Okay, this is not a traditional bank card but it does the most for its customers. Always looking to innovate and bring services to make your life easier.

To Whom

The Deserve EDU Mastercard for Students is a credit card designed for students who are attending college or university. It offers a potentially higher credit limit than other cards, and it’s also backed by the Deserve Credit Card Guarantee.

Ideal para os estudantes internacionais pois, não exige o numero do seguro social e também não cobra taxas para transações de fora do país.


This card offers the account holder a limit of up to $5,000. Now if you are looking for a card with a high limit this may not be the best option.

Let’s take the opportunity to talk a little more about one of the best benefits of the Deserve EDU Mastercard receive up to $100 off the annual fee with Amazon Prime Student.

How this

To complete your request, it only takes a few clicks. Go to the credit card page and fill in the entire application form, now just wait for the confirmation email.

If your order is rejected, don’t be sad, we still have several other card options for you.

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Got everything you needed to know about the Deserve EDU Mastercard? For you who are a student, this is certainly one of the best options, especially if you are a foreigner.

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