Have you tried to apply for a credit card multiple times and been denied? Or was an initial deposit required? Reflex Mastercard is the solution for those who are going through this type of situation.

Even if the deposit is not required, you should be aware of the regular card fees. As long as you are free of the fee during the first 12 months, it is something to consider.

To Whom

The advantages of Reflex are not just those of a regular credit card it also has an element that the majority of regular cards lack – the ability to seamlessly transition from one country to another.


The limit varies from $300 to $1000 at the maximum, mas depois de 6 meses de uso existe a possibilidade de aumentar seu limite para até $2.000

Quanto mais utilizar o seu Reflex Credit Card com segurança maiores serão as chances de você conseguir aumentar seu limite no futuro e também deixar seu score de crédito cada vez melhor.

How this Reflex Credit Card

With more than 2.6 million credit cards issued since its founding, Continental Finance Company is proud to say that it has always put its customers first.

That’s why Reflex Credit exists, designed to serve those who can’t get credit because they have a low credit score with the same excellence as always.

Apply now for Reflex Credit Card

Unlike many other cards on the market, requesting the Reflex Credit Card Mastercard is very simple. Your request can be fulfilled in a few clicks and the answer comes in seconds.

Have a secure credit card that is accepted worldwide, thanks to its Mastercard brand.

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