What do you think about having a prepaid card that allows you to have the benefits of a credit card with the convenience of a debit card?

Credit Card

Citi Double Cash

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It might sound more interesting if you are looking for cash back on your purchases and travel. It basically helps customers to save money and earn rewards by maximizing their spending power.

If you are looking for a rewards credit card that allows you to have more benefits, you should apply for it. It’s a free application. You can enjoy how you spend and manage your money because it has no spending limits.

We will talk more about it in the following paragraphs, so read along to understand better the benefits and how to apply for this stunning credit card Citi Double Cash Card.

A Little About Citi Bank

Basically, Citi Bank is a consumer division of financial services multinational Citigroup. It has opened the branch of credit cards in the 1960’s. And has introduced the first machines 24/7 for its customers.

Also, one great quality of having this company’s card is the option of online banking, while not needing to go to the nearest bank and do everything wherever you are to make a transaction, or manage your own account.

This account company started business in New York, and later on has opened new branches throughout the country.

Like California, Texas, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Miami, and Chicago. Moreover, its abroad branches launched and it has been a success while selling for other countries and banks.


Benefits Citi Double Cash Card

  • Cashback: It has been shown that the cardholders from Citi Double Cash Card can earn up to $300 each month in its purchases. Also, for every new card purchase, it is a $25 cashback.
  • No Annual Fee: It briefly states that the users of this card have the benefit of no annual fee. You can use your card as long as you want and won’t need to worry about anything other than your finances and purchases.
  • Low Interest Rate: The last but not least advantage in applying for this credit card is its low interest rate of 11.99%. Also it is possible to see the estimate your monthly payment before applying for your card. This is a great way to start off.

How To Apply

The application is very easy. You just have to fill out with your information, upload your most recent monthly bank statement, complete an interview and send documents that verify your income and residency status.

Thumbs up for this massive credit card? Wanna have yours? Click below and understand how to apply.