Are you looking for a credit card that will offer you a lot of advantages? We will give you an example: It offers a 5% discount on all tuition fees, books, and educational expenses! 

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Deserve EDU Mastercard

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The Deserve EDU Mastercard is a credit card that offers students and recent graduates cash back rewards on everyday purchases, no annual fee, and also a lot of opportunities to earn money. 

Even though it might not seem much, the users of this company have a lot of opportunities. For example, it helps students to save money, build their credit scores and also improve their financial situation. 

We will show you the many advantages of Deserve EDU Mastercard and how to apply for it below!

About Deserve EDU Mastercard

Deserve Edu for students has been around since 2015 but was only released in 2018 after being acquired by Deserve Financial Group Inc. The card offers rewards like a cash back reward after each purchase and a discount on purchases at grocery stores.

The card also offers opportunities for students to save money in the form of an interest-free line of credit. Deserve Edu for students is not the most popular among students because of the lack of benefits provided with this card, such as travel and shopping discounts.



  • Low-Interest Rate: Its interest rate is about 20.24%, which is not high comparing it to other companies;
  • Annual Fee: The annual fee for this credit card is 0%. So you won’t need to worry about having one more bill to pay regarding your bank account. You can focus more on your purchases and educational finances, and less on any other matter;
  • Card and Purchase Protection: While you have this card, you will have higher security while purchasing any product or misc; 
  • Free Shipping: After you apply for your credit card and it is approved, the company will send it to you with no cost;
  • Foreign Transactions: If you ever need to send money abroad or make a purchase online, the transaction will have no fee. So you will only pay for what you order or transfer. 

How To Apply

Deserve EDU Mastercard for Students is an online application process that allows students to apply for the card. The application process includes submitting your personal information and proof of enrollment in school, along with your income and employment history.

You will not need to provide any additional documentation to be approved, so there is no risk in applying. If your credit score isn’t high enough, we may decline your application and you’ll need to apply with a different lender.