We know that over the years, many people do not trust credit cards because they are typically a one-time use after a few charges.

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Milestone Mastercard credit card

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But let us assure you that the Milestone Mastercard, however, has no annual fee and offers three times as many reward points while potentially outweighing any annual fee because of its rewards program.

We will briefly show you the advantages and how to apply for it in the next lines. So keep reading.

About Milestone

Milestone was founded in Shanghai in November 1996 with 1,000 square meters of office space. The team originally consisted of only three members. The company was later relocated to Shanghai’s chemical industry zone due to the better access to information technology equipment there.

The Milestone Mastercard card is the first credit card with AI personal assistant for consumers to set up and manage their accounts without the need for any human interactions. This can help reduce even personal needs for emotional support from people-centric banks.



  • Spend Restrictions: For parents who are seeking an account plan that offers a restriction for their kids, which allows them to manage how much they spend on purchases through online or physical stores. It is a great way to teach minors how to spend their cash;
  • Miles: Milestone has a ‘Miles’ program where customers earn points by purchasing goods and services or when they swipe their card for purchases. The more miles that customers collect, the higher level of membership in the scheme that they achieve;
  • Zero Liability: This assures customers that they are protected while making online purchases.

How To Apply 

To apply, you can just download the Online Mobile App, fill out the application with your personal information and wait while the system processes it. The application process normally requires ten days or more before a response, in some cases longer.